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Uller:  Bow Lord,
Ski Runner,
Oath Warden...
The first Holy One
with whom I had contact.
Catamount Grange Hearth

My online home, tavern, wordsmithy, armory, kitchen, brewroom and so forth.

A place where I shall share many things,
My old sites, "Riverwood Samfelag" and the 1st Catamount Grange, are kaput.
Stefn Stewartsson Piparskeggr
Uller's Man, Skald, Brewer, Cook,
Son, brother, Uncle, Husband...
My mother calls me Steven, as do all of my non-Asatru Kin, Kith, Friends and acquaintences.  Within Asatru, and the broader "Heathen" community, most folks just call me Piparskeggr or Pip.  Piparskeggr is Icelandic for Pepperbeard, which was closest to the color my beard was when the nickname was given.  Saltybeard just doesn't have the same ring to it ,-)

I am noted as one of the better Skalds writing in Modern English about Heathen ideas and ideals.  I'll take that ball and run with it as the inspiration I gain from the Holy, Family, Friends and the World pressure me to write..

Other than that, my interests are as varied as flint knapping and maser theory, from neolithic to nanolithic I like to say.  Between my wife and I, there's close to 10,000 books in the house.

Updates here have been few these past few years, health problems (personal and familial) took up much of my free time; including the recent passing of my dad - Stewart John Robinson.  Dad has been and will be a solid guidepost for living my life.  He was born 25  February 1935 in Chicopee Falls, MA and died 25 February 2010 in West Springfield, MA.  He and my mom were such a great couple and were never far from each other, even at the end.  My mom(Jean) was by his side as he drew his last breath...I was a few feet away.  He looked so peaceful; I have sadness, but no real sense of loss as he will live on in our hearts and minds.

I have called my own home Catamount Grange for the better part of 30 years, it is my heart and my hearth, where Ilive with my wife (Anita) and our clowder of kitties: Teia, Kestrel, Hildikatt and Chesepeake.

An important part of Heathenry is forming community Bonds with Kin, Kith and Friends.

I am proud to be a part of Oak Shadow Kindred: Carolyn, Arthur and Pam
are friends still, to me..

My hope is that we will grow and
be a strong, positive group.
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I wrote a note about association above.

This is the only Heathen group to which I belong: the
Asatru Folk Assembly

I support the
Hammer Project, which is both a support forum for Military Asatruars and their families, and is
a project to get the Thor's Hammer recognized by the Department of Veterans' Affairs for use on the gravestones of our honored dead.
Please, go to the site, read the mateial and sign the petition.

I am a supporter of the
Asatru Alliance of Independant Kindreds.

I am a friend of many in the Troth, the various tribes of Theodish folk, plus different Heathen Kindreds, Hearths and individuals.
My other online outposts, where I will post a bit more frequently about ongoing events in my life:
My weblog at Blogspot:
An Heathen Reader,
My Cafe Press shop:
Catamount Grange Wordsmithy
My Live Journal place: Piparskeggrsbok
I have a few articles at
Yes, I'm even at Myspace:
Stefn Ullarsson
and Facebook:
As a large part of being Asatru is loving and honoring one's ancestry,
I do belong to and support


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Armoring Info
Poetry Page 01
Social and Political Pg 1
Bands I like
The Green Mountains of Vermont, Uller's country
if ever there is such outside the Elder Lands.
I attended Norwich University in Vermont,
which is where I 1st saw my wife in August 1977.
We were wed in June 1982.
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